Europort - November 7-10 2023, Rotterdam Ahoy-Green Stage

Green Stage


IMO has set ambitious emission targets for 2030 and 2050. Lowering the carbon footprint of an industry that moves almost 90% of global trade is a significant undertaking. There is no time left to waste and now energy transition has become more pressing than ever.

The Green Stage - located in hall 4  - is a dedicated ’walk-in-theatre’ where exhibitors and Europort partners will give short presentations and share newest insights in the field of zero emission ships, alternative fuels, renewable energies, blue growth, green retrofits, hull designs, energy efficient systems, waste heat recovery, ballast water treatment, scrubber technologies or any other type of 'greenification’.

Europort visitors can attend the Green Stage presentations free of charge. The final programme and daily time schedule will be shared on this website shortly prior to the event.