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While the exhibition will span every aspect of the maritime world, nine categories

of special-purpose vessels will be particularly prominent in Europort 2025.

    SuperyachtsThe Dutch are undisputed leaders in the luxury superyacht market in terms of quality, and now have a 30% market share when it comes to global volume. Yards, equipment suppliers and service providers from other superyacht powerhouses such as Italy and Turkey will also be out in force at Europort.
  • Naval vessels
    Naval vesselsEven when the financial waters get choppy, governments remain committed to ensuring a strong navy. Often a launching customer for innovation, this sector pioneers technologies that eventually spread to other maritime categories. Don’t miss out on the chance to play your part in these developments.
  • Offshore specials
    Offshore specialsThe main focus in this area at Europort is the supply, maintenance, installation and decommissioning of oil & gas platforms and the growing offshore wind market. After a turbulent few years for this sector it pays to prepare for better days and be front of mind among those seeking new technologies and solutions.
  • Sea shipping
    Sea shippingWith the Rotterdam shortsea network alone representing over 200 destinations, the technological and sustainability developments on vessels used to move cargo and passengers between ports in Europe are impressive in nature. Profile your company’s ideas to an audience keen to learn.
  • Workboats
    WorkboatsThey may not stand out in terms of size or sleekness, but modern workboats contain a wealth of high-tech equipment beneath their rugged, weather-resistant exteriors. From tugboats to firefighting vessels, all firms involved in this surprisingly sophisticated sector will benefit from exhibiting at Europort.
  • Fishing vessels
    Fishing vesselsThe recent introduction of electric pulse fishing illustrates how this age-old industry continues to innovate – and to stir the waters a little, too. Whatever the opinion on this new technique, Europort will attract key players from a fisheries sector that has recovered to the point where owners are looking to update their fleet.
  • Dredging
    DredgingThe largest builders and contractors of dredging vessels in the world are found here. All the masters of reclamation and dredging will be at Europort 2019 sharing their experiences in the toughest environments and the CEDA Dredging Days conference will also attract ambitious companies with connections to this sector.
  • Cruise & ferry
    Cruise & ferryBy sea and by river, the cruise market is booming. As cruise vessels and ferries become ever more sophisticated, and the importance of the sector to the economy of key harbour cities increases, Europort 2019 will be the ideal event to showcase your innovations.
  • Inland shipping
    Inland shippingThe Netherlands is home to Europe’s largest fleet of inland vessels and this expertise is widely distributed. As more countries see the logistical and environmental benefits, the opportunities for international growth in inland shipping applications are clear. Join the leading experts in – and highlight your contribution to – this efficient transport mode.