Europort - November 7-10 2023, Rotterdam Ahoy-Programme and themes

Programme and themes


Chartering the path to a sustainable maritime future is one of Europort’s primary ambitions. Europort senses the urge to act and feels the responsibility to make things happen. Let’s initiate a deeper understanding of the transition trails that are of vital interest to our maritime ecosystem; from special ships, port logistics to neighbouring industries. Europort offers an exceptionally in-depth programme in close cooperation with national and international industry partners, innovators and pioneers based on the 4 themes below. There is much to learn and many people to meet during the Europort week. If you are interested to make an active contribution to the programme for Europort 2023 then please contact the Europort Project Team.

Energy Transition - Making Sustainable Waves

Our industry is a community floating on energy. With ambitious emission goals for an industry that moves almost 90% of global trade, a significant undertaking is ahead of us. Change on this scale requires more than one solution and more than one investor. The city of Rotterdam, its port and region have defined a clear goal for 2050: a sustainable port and industrial maritime complex. Europort challenges the industry to make sustainable waves together.


Digitalization - Creating Smart Interactions

Shipping organizations face intense pressure to operate more efficiently and profitably. A digital revolution that enforces operational efficiency, cost reduction and environmental or security performances has been sweeping across our industry. Europort wants to showcase and explore new digital opportunities and stimulate smart interaction between technology providers and ship owners.



Ship Finance - Funding The Future

The global shipping industry is a capital-intensive business. Traditional investors downsize commitment and access to credit lines has become one of the foremost industry challenges. How to handle large scale daily cash flows? How to fund new investments? How to balance supply, demand and asset prices and meet with sustainable goals at the same time? Europort sets the dialogue between capital providers and users; either with a tailored advise or in plenary presentations by financial experts. We provide a new approach where shipowners, yards and suppliers can explore best practices on how to fuel and fund the industry transition trails.


Human Capital - Including The New

The maritime world is operating in a world of increased complexity. Success and competitiveness rely on new insights and a highly skilled workforce that is able to adopt disruptive ideas. Human capital has become an industry wide priority. Europort makes an active call on new professionals, forward-thinkers, start-ups and next gen-talents to join the conversation, develop revolutionary technologies and help reshaping the future of shipping and shipbuilding.

  • United Kingdom

    Organized by: Society of Maritime Industries (SMI)
    Location: Hall 8

  • China

    Organized by: UAEC
    Location: Hall 8

  • Spain

    Organized by: Foro Maritimo Vasco
    Location: Hall 7

  • South Korea

    Organized by: Gyeongnam Province
    Location: Hall 5

  • Norway

    Organized by: Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME)
    Location: Hall 4

  • Romania

    Organized by:  ANCONAV
    Location: Hall 6

  • Türkiye

    Organized by: Turkish Ship, Yacht & Marine Services Exporters' Association
    Location: Hall 8

  • The Netherlands

    Organized by: Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT)
    Location: Hall 1 & 8

  • Italy

    Organized by: Ediconsult
    Location: Hall 2

  • Greece

    Organized by: HEMEXPO
    Location: Hall 2

  • Germany

    Organized by: ECM Berlin
    Location: Hall 7

  • France

    Organized by: GICAN/SOGENA
    Location: Hall 8

  • Denmark

    Organized by: Danish Export Association
    Location: Hall 4