Europort is organized in and by Rotterdam Ahoy. We are determined to create a sustainable future with an ambitious sustainability policy. Our efforts include significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, investing in sustainable energy sources such as solar panels and heat/cold storage, and using a water buffer to capture and purify rainwater for reuse, thereby reducing the scarcity of clean water.

To achieve our sustainability goals, we minimize waste, adopt a circular approach, and experiment with new collection methods, such as the recovery of plastic cups during events. Sustainability also plays an essential role in our food and beverage policy, with an emphasis on local, seasonal products and the reduction of food waste.


Achieving Sustainability Goals

We actively encourage visitors to use eco-friendly transportation and collaborate with (shared) transportation providers to offer sustainable transport options. Additionally, we form partnerships with like-minded organizations and support social projects and initiatives. Rotterdam Ahoy is firmly committed to promoting awareness and responsibility for our environmental impact, not only among our employees and partners but also among our visitors. Together with them, we are building a sustainable future and continually striving to improve materials, people, and energy to achieve our sustainability goals.


For more information about sustainability at Rotterdam Ahoy, please visit here.

Sustainability information


Sustainable Carpet

Europort, as part of Rotterdam Ahoy, embraces these sustainable values and utilizes Rewind carpet, the only Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver trade show carpet in the world, developed by Beaulieu International Group. This carpet is designed with circularity in mind, made from responsible raw materials, and produced with low energy consumption. The absence of latex makes it fully recyclable and contributes to reducing the ecological footprint of events and decreasing CO2 emissions. Together, we are working towards a better world for future generations. Please contact our team for more information.