Europort - November 5-8 2019, Rotterdam Ahoy-Start-up Plaza


Start-up Plaza

Europort wants to set a stage for start-ups, accelarators and incubators that can transform our industry. In the Start-Up Plaza you can meet tomorrow’s leading firms. Young entrepeneurs will showcase their innovative products or services for the maritime industry. Go shake their hands and/or join their elevator pitches in Hall 6.




a variable range of presentations


green enginering 2.0, the solution for the shortage of local maritime engineering capacity


a variabale range of presentations

C Teleport12:40

fully automated flexible travel

TechBinder12:50where data supports your maritime operation
PortXL13:00a variable range of presentations
SoundEnergy13:10realising dramatic OPEX and emissions reductions by converting exhaust heat to cooling
Sensing 36013:20optimize your rotation to control your operation
PortXL 13:30   a variable range of presentations












Daily topics of PortXL

  • Tuesday: Kick Off Day PIA
  • Wednesday: Antwerp DAY - Startup teams meet & greets
  • Thursday: Scouting & Validation live sessions
  • Friday: Award session

A variable range of presentations

Every day there is a variable range of presentations from different companies under PortXL

  • Tuesday: Treatspan, Big Yellow, Fish and Mc Netiq  
  • Wednesday: Treatspan, Big Yellow, Fish, Planys, Flower and Turbine  
  • Thursday: Treatspan, Big Yellow, Fish, Xetal and Mc Netiq 
  • Friday: Treatspan, Big Yellow, Fish and The Big Smile

For more information about the PortXL presentations e-mail: 

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