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Logistic regulations
Placement heavy materials
Parking vouchers
Setup and dismantling times
Stand builder passes
Hotel reservations
Do not forget to communicate your co-exhibitors
Join the Europort Cruiseparty!
EuroportLogistic regulations

Rotterdam Ahoy has appointed CEVA Showfreight to be the official logistic partner for Europort 2017. CEVA is available for all logistic services including arranging transportation, custom formalities, storage of packaging and hiring of for example lift trucks and cranes. Click for more information. 

EuroportPlacement heavy materials

If you want to place products in Hall 1a, Hall 3 or Hall 8 that are heavier than 500 kg/m² or larger than 2x1x1 meters, we ask you to inform our logistics partner CEVA Showfreight through ahoy@cevalogistics.com or +31 10 293 3526, before 6 October 2017.

Placing heavy equipment in Hall 1a is possible on Friday 27 October, and in Hall 3 and Hall 8 on Monday 30 October. However, this can be done in consultation with CEVA only.

EuroportParking vouchers

During the construction period you can park at the expedition area by showing a valid exhibitor card. For parking during the exhibition days you can buy parking vouchers in advance (only a few vouchers available). The parking vouchers cost € 60 (including VAT) and give you a guaranteed parking place on the general parking area P1 - P3; this is the parking area adjacent to the halls. Until Friday 27 October 2017, you can order parking vouchers via the digital exhibitor manual. After this date the vouchers are only available via the cash desk of Ahoy.

EuroportSetup and dismantling times

During Europort 2017 the following set up and dismantling times are in order.

EuroportStand builder passes

Suppliers need to be in possession of a valid stand builder pass. Without this pass access to the exhibition halls shall be denied. You can order these passes through the digital exhibitor manual. Do not forget to inform your stand builder/supplier with the right set up and dismantling dates and times of Europort. If your stand builder also arranges your water and electricity connection, provide them your personal access code so the stand builder can order these connections through the manual. The exhibitor remains responsible for the orders in the digital manual at all times.

EuroportHotel reservations

Rotterdam will be dominated by Europort 2017 in the first two weeks of November. We recommend you to book your hotel rooms in time. Our Europort organisation team has reserved hotel rooms with special rates for you via Preferred Hotel Reservations.

If you want to make use of this hotel booking service, click to go directly to the website of Preferred Hotel Reservations.

Preferred Hotel Reservations
EuroportDo not forget to communicate your co-exhibitors

Did you already announce your co-exhibitors (other companies that are present in your booth)? If not, please do so by filling out this form. In this way we can use the information in our communications. You can e-mail this form to a.kooijman@ahoy.nl.

To provide a high service level to the co-exhibitors, the form is divided in Package A (high profile) and B (low profile). Package A provides the co-exhibitor with the same service and privileges as the main exhibitor. The exact content of the packages can also be found on the form.

EuroportJoin the Europort Cruiseparty!

​After closing time of the exhibition on Wednesday evening 8 November, business continues in the vibrant atmosphere of the magnificently renovated SS Rotterdam (Steam Ship Rotterdam). This legendary ship sailed off to almost every corner in the world as the former flagship of the Holland America Line. Nowadays the ship is back at her place of birth in the city of Rotterdam and offers the perfect décor for the Europort Cruise Party.

The cruise party is an ideal occasion for you to meet industry friends, while enjoying good food and drinks, beautifully overlooking the river Maas and the skyline of the dynamic city of Rotterdam. Shuttle buses will be available after the exhibition closes to transfer you to what will be a most rewarding and stimulating evening.

As part of the Marketing Service Package, we will provide you with 1 free invitation for the cruise party. Click here to order more tickets for the Europort Cruise Party.  

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