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Deadline for facility services
Invite your business relations in time
Are you looking for new talent?
Speakers corner
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EuroportDeadline for facility services
It is important to order electricity, water, catering and cleaning of your booth in time. You can order these items through the digital manual. Log in with your personal codes and place your orders timely. Deadline for ordering: 23 October 2017
EuroportInvite your business relations in time

We advise you to invite your existing and potentials business relations in time. It is a proven fact that exhibitors who invite their relations actively, gain better exhibition results. To help you improving your results, we have developed various invitation tools:

  • Promotional banners; via the website you can download several 'visit our stand’ banners which you can place on your website. By using your personal registration link (received via email from our registration partner N200), you can see which relations registered via your website.
  • Digital invitation tickets: from the Europort project team you received an email with a digital invitation ticket (html). By using your personal registration link (via N200), you can also monitor who has registered through your invitation.
  • Printed invitation tickets; via the digital exhibitor manual you can order an unlimited number of printed invitation tickets.
  • Europort advertisement; we developed two small Europort advertisements (50x26 mm) which you can integrate in your own advertisements / use for promotion purposes

Furthermore, you can always contact the communications department of Europort via communications@europort.nl in case you wish to have a general text of Europort 2017 or other kind of promotional items.

EuroportAre you looking for new talent?
The jobroute in the Europort special of the Maritime & Offshore Career Newspaper (MOCK) offers companies a platform to showcase their career opportunities. On the cover you will find a map of the exhibition floor together with the jobroute. The job opportunities are visible to the visitors, who may be actively or not-actively looking for a job. This edition can be found at the two entrances of Europort. Would you like to be a part of the jobroute, or place an advertisement in the MOCK? Then send an e-mail to: vacatures@navingo.com or call Navingo at tel: + 31 10 209 2600.
EuroportSpeakers corner
Why not give your company a voice at Europort 2017? We offer you an exclusive opportunity to make a 20-minute presentation. The cost is € 500 per 20-minute time slot and includes the use of a laptop, projector, audio equipment and projection screen.
EuroportPrevious Exhibitor Info Bulletins

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