2023 CAREER4SEA - EUROPORT Awards Honor Maritime Mavericks Transforming the Industry's Future

10 November 2023
2023 CAREER4SEA - EUROPORT Awards Honor Maritime Mavericks Transforming the Industry's Future

SAFETY4SEA proudly unveiled the victors of the 2023 CAREER4SEA - EUROPORT Awards in Crew Welfare, Diversity & Inclusion, Education, and Training, a commendation of exceptional achievements and groundbreaking initiatives within the maritime sector, ultimately propelling it towards enhanced allure and sustainability.


As the industry grapples with efforts to redefine its image among the younger demographic and those beyond its confines, the recognized excellence in Crew Welfare, Diversity & Inclusion, and Education and Training emerges as pivotal in reshaping shipping as an enticing career option. SAFETY4SEA additionally disclosed the awardees of the New Generation and Personality categories, uniquely selected by the editorial team without prior nominations.


The prestigious award ceremony took place on November 10th, concluding on the fringes of EUROPORT, the premier international exhibition held in Rotterdam from November 7-10, 2023. Notably, in recent days, the 2023 GREEN4SEA - EUROPORT Awards acknowledged endeavors in Clean Shipping, Energy Transition, Technology, Initiative, and Ship Design, along with the 2023 SMART4SEA - EUROPORT Awards honoring excellence and innovation in smart and sustainable shipping.


The laureates of the 2023 CAREER4SEA - EUROPORT Awards include:


Crew Welfare Award: KVH Industries, Inc., recognized for its unwavering commitment to global seafarer well-being through continuous advancements in connectivity technology, services, and content.


Diversity & Inclusion Award: TURTLE, lauded for its comprehensive approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) within the maritime sphere, offering research and services to foster employee diversity among maritime companies.


Educational Award: Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz, distinguished for its extensive programs catering to masters, chief engineers, and hydrographic surveyors, featuring a state-of-the-art simulator training center.


New Generation Award: Marjolein and Sylvia Boer, known as the 'Maritime Sisters,' acclaimed for their dynamic efforts to future-proof, invigorate, and sustain the industry through innovative initiatives that drive change, inspire, and foster collaboration. The Maritime Sisters serve as a beacon for heightened diversity and inclusion, elevating the discourse and engaging stakeholders in meaningful discussions.


Personality Award:  Capt. Eero Lehtovaara, Head of Regulatory Affairs at ABB, honored for his remarkable contributions to the maritime sector, showcasing expertise in navigating challenges posed by new regulations, human resource management, and technological advancements, notably in shipboard automation. As the leader of the One Sea autonomous shipping alliance, Capt. Lehtovaara has prioritized the establishment of guidelines and regulations for autonomous shipping.