Europort - November 7-10 2017, Rotterdam Ahoy-Masterclass: How Internet of Things and blockchain improve efficiency in the supply chain


Masterclass: How Internet of Things and blockchain improve efficiency in the supply chain

Date: Tuesday 7th of November
Time: 14.00 - 17.30 (incl. network reception)

With technologies such as RFID, GPS and GPRS and the development of low-energy batteries, virtually all items in the supply chain become visible while in transit. The addition of sensor technology enables the generation of richer data, such as temperature. This allows parties in the supply chain to generate information, such as location and average speed, and helps them to save fuel, manage stock, cut out duplication and reduce asset loss.Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain are both technologies that are now emerging, but will be mainstream within the next 5 to 10 years, according to research organization Gartner. Most people are familiar with IoT for smart applications in the living room, but less is known about the tremendous improvements IoT can lead to within the supply chain.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to accumulate this data in a decentralized database, a distributed ledger, that keeps records of digital transactions. This 'database’ is synchronized via the Internet, spreading across multiple sites, countries and institutions. Data in the blockchain is unchangeable and digitally recorded in packages (called blocks). Blockchains are formed by blocks that are chained to other blocks, using a cryptographic signature. They are visible to anyone within this network with the appropriate permissions. This technology will have a major impact on supply chains, since it reduces delays and could make the need for intermediaries obsolete.

Why should I attend?

In this Masterclass, you will learn about the potential for IoT and blockchain technology to enhance the efficiency of your company’s supply chain. This is relevant to every container shipping company and maritime supplier.

Who should attend?

Supply chain managers, innovation managers, business developers, purchasers, freight forwarders, port and liner agents, IT and OT managers, product developers, classification bodies and policy advisors.


Attendance costs per Masterclass are € 99, - excl. VAT. If you register for all four Masterclasses a special all-in fee of € 325, - excl. VAT applies. Fulltime students will be able to apply for a discounted fee of € 25,-excl. VAT per Masterclass. The above cost of attendance includes entrance to the exhibition and network reception or lunch.

The registration for the Masterclasses is part of the Europort 2017 registration procedure, during which you will be asked if you are interested in attending one of these events. This enables you to book directly online at the same time as registering to attend Europort 2017. Click to register.

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