Europort - November 5-8 2019, Rotterdam Ahoy-Masterclass: How big data can improve operational performance


Masterclass: How big data can improve operational performance

Date: Thursday 9th of November
Time: 10.00 - 13.30 (incl. network lunch)

Big Data is, without doubt, a game changer. The data revolution has found its way into the shipping sector and, increasingly, shipboard systems are equipped with an IP address and sensors, so that data regarding the performance of each specific component can be transferred ashore. This makes it possible to generate real-time information on various aspects, such as the status of operations, the performance of equipment and any necessary maintenance.

Shipping companies, fleet managers and maritime suppliers are expected to have a vision as to the data they want to generate. Having such a vision will help them achieve better cost efficiency and lower the overall total cost of ownership. Click to see the complete programme.

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