Europort - November 5-8 2019, Rotterdam Ahoy-KVK Business Challenge Europort | November 7th


KVK Business Challenge Europort | November 7th

Innovation is key to the ongoing evolution of the shipping industry. The industry is facing major challenges in areas such as sustainability and cost reduction. New insights and ideas from other industries can serve as a catalyst for innovation. To speed up the process, facilitating collaboration between large and small businesses, Dutch and international enterprises, shipping companies and companies from other industries, KVK has joined forces with Europort by organising the KVK Business Challenge Europort; a shipping-themed edition of the successful KVK open innovation platform that brings together larger companies and innovative SMEs and start-ups in the online and physical realms.

Is your shipping organisation facing a major innovation challenge too? Join this unique business challenge! The event officially kicks off during Europort on 7 November. More information.

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