Europort - November 5-8 2019, Rotterdam Ahoy-Masterclass: 'Reducing the carbon footprint of ferries and cruise ships’


Masterclass: 'Reducing the carbon footprint of ferries and cruise ships’

Date: Friday 8th of November
Time: 10.00 - 13.30 (incl. network lunch)
Category: Cruise and Ferry

Passenger comfort and safety, fuel efficiency and sustainability are top of mind in the cruise and ferry market. For operators, energy efficiency is vital to their business. Not only from a cost perspective but also to meet the highest service levels for their guests. And to do so without harming the lifeline of their business: the ocean and river environment.

Energy consumption of a ship is a significant contributor to the carbon footprint of cruise and ferry operators. In this Europort Masterclass experts from both cruise and ferry markets, share their perspective on the importance of sustainability for the growth of their industry. Why does the carbon footprint matter to ship owners? And what solutions in terms of propulsion, energy management and route optimization can reduce this?

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