Europort - November 5-8 2019, Rotterdam Ahoy-Europort Masterclasses


Europort Masterclasses

During Europort 2019, a series of high profile Masterclasses are scheduled. Each Masterclass will target a specific maritime sector and offers an efficient and inspiring way to get the latest insights into smart technology and business, as top professionals and experts in their fields will share their knowledge and experiences. The Europort Masterclasses are jointly organized by Rotterdam Ahoy and Netherlands Maritime Technology.

Sign in for the masterclasses

Registering for the Masterclasses is part of the Europort 2019 registration procedure, during which you will be asked if you are interested in attending the Europort Masterclasses. This enables you to register directly online at the same time as registering to attend Europort 2019.     



Masterclass: 'Naval innovations as source of inspiration’
Masterclass: 'Maritime solutions for offshore renewable energy’
Masterclass: 'Optimizing efficiency of short sea operations’
Masterclass: 'Reducing the carbon footprint of ferries and cruise ships’
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