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Shoreside expertise to drive Autonomous ship progress

31 Oktober 2019
Shoreside expertise to drive Autonomous ship progress

Developments in Europe, Asia and North America demonstrate that the Autonomous Ship will be crucial to the 'smart’ maritime future, but insights have been scarce where supporting landside infrastructure is concerned.

In what promises to be a key presentation at the Europort Masterclass 'Optimizing efficiency of short sea operations’ on 7th November, JR Ship Management and Seazip Offshore Service Operations Manager Harm Mulder will shed light on this critical area for ship safety, reliability and efficiency.

"Seazip has been part of a joint industry project on autonomous shipping, contributing a crew catamaran to a full sea trial,” says Mulder, whose presentation focuses on 'Shore support to unmanned shipping, a business perspective’. "Since this was a unique test, my aim will be to offer insights into how it was prepared and conducted, and into results. I’m happy to share what we learnt and how this test contributes to future autonomous shipping.”

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