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Real-time data improving fleet performance

10 november 2017
Real-time data improving fleet performance

With advanced sensor technology enabling data to be generated and collected in volume on board vessels, a well-attended Europort 'Big Data’ masterclass gave delegates the opportunity to reflect on how shipping can use best this information to achieve cost-efficiency.


"Industry expertise, machine learning and data engineering are key to delivering data-driven projects,” suggested Matt Duke, VP Digital platform, Maritime Industry - Kongsberg Digital. "When it comes to gathering KPIs such as, consumption, emissions and maintenance, collecting and understanding data is crucial.”


Kongsberg’s 'Kognifai’ initiative, a cross industrial open digital platform launched last year, was presented as an efficient eco system within which data can be collected, analysed and coordinated, while supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing between all participating organisations.


Stressing the importance of the 5 'V’s of big data (volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value), Data Scientist Gerben de Boer explained the approach to data gathering and analysis taken by dredging and offshore contractor van Oord.


"Collecting and understanding data is fundamental to monitor the progress of dredging operations. However, you need people who know what they’re doing and can add value to the collected data,” explained Mr. de Boer.


Bert Ritscher, Business development manager at Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence, shared some examples of how smart engines and other shipboard components can help shipowners reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve performance and efficiency, and increase safety onboard.


Michael Post, technical product manager Hybrid Energy at RH Marine, emphasised that "data collection is the key”, adding that shipowners and operators need to be kept in the loop and understand the information provided to make the decisions that will improve fleet performance.

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