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Making the most of the human factor

15 juni 2017
Making the most of the human factor

The most important asset for companies active in the maritime sector is their people. As new technology comes into the industry, traditional roles will become more knowledge intensive and staff will require different skills sets to their predecessors. There is a growing consensus that as ships are becoming more complex, with the drive to increase operational efficiency, modern day seafarers and workers in shipyards will need ever greater technical abilities.


Industry players must invest in bridging the talent gap or risk losing out to competitors, especially as there is a growing shortage of suitably qualified and experienced seafarers and shipyard workers globally. Moreover, as it takes years to acquire the high level technical skills that will be needed by the industry, companies should be committed to developing and retaining talent over the long term.


Therefore, Europort 2017 has elected to make The Human Factor one of its core themes. This will be underpinned through several events on the programme, and presentations by specialist training providers at the event. The importance of the theme is underlined by the fact that the final day of the exhibition is designated as 'Human Capital Day’. A number of events are planned to tie in with this theme to ensure an uplifting end to the show.

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