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HR at the core of the digital debate

10 november 2017
HR at the core of the digital debate

Digital transformation affects multiple aspects of any type of business, yet only 9% of executives feel that they are fully ready for "Digital Human Resources”, according to a recent study.


Experts in the "human factor” at today’s Human Resources masterclass at Europort, Rotterdam explored the benefits of leveraging HR data, analytics and predictive models as management tools.


Dave Millner, Executive Consulting Partner and HR futurist at IBM Talent Management Solutions, offered a thought-provoking vision on how to attract a highly skilled workforce that is able to operate in a tough and rapidly evolving market.


"Standing still is no longer an option”, said Millner, suggesting that companies will have to re-think their development and learning functions by aligning people and digital technology. "It’s time to re-think HR strategies that were designed for another era.”


In Millner’s opinion, job descriptions will soon no longer exist, and roles will become increasingly team-orientated while analytics will change not only the way people operate but also affect the decision-making process.


As HR analytics become increasingly important, Erik van Vulpen, business psychologist and founder of Analytics in HR, discussed the potential analytics offers to the maritime companies. "Every €1 spent on analytics can get a return of €13.01”, he said, before sharing some best practices of using analytics in HR.


"Investing in future talent is at the core of Damen Shipyards HR strategy”, said Arold de Vries, HR & Corporate Affairs Director of Dutch group, suggesting that companies should never stop improving innovation and quality to find those 'golden hands’, as he defined high-performing employees that can make a great contribution to the business.


The last presentation was given by Patrick van de Ven, founder of maritime consultancy firm Venturn, who shared his vision on digital competences and the need for expert data analysts in the maritime sector. "Data Scientist skills add €100 an hour to a person’s capability and earning power,” he suggested, before highlighting the importance of pushing employees into new skill areas to reflect changing business needs.

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