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How HR can make your organization future-proof

18 september 2017
How HR can make your organization future-proof

Ahead of an expert masterclass on the Human Element at this year’s Europort, Damen HR Director Arold de Vries explained how the global shipyard group is 'future-proofing’ its human capital.


The maritime industry is a service-based industry, which means that the human element is involved across all activities. Commercial buoyancy depends on a company’s human capital, represented by the collective capability, knowledge and skills of the people employed.


As a vital cog in the maritime industry machinery, HR practices must respond to tough market conditions, the arrival of new generations of workers and more regulations; 'business as usual’ is not an option.


When Europort opens its doors on November 7, the week-long trade show will place the human factor under the spotlight, allowing visitors to come away with an insight into what Human Capital is, how it is acquired and why it is important for business growth.

Expert in Masterclass

On Friday November 10, Arold de Vries, HR director of Damen Shipyards will give his expert advice on how HR can make an organisation future-proof, at the Europort Masterclass 'How HR can make your organization future-proof’.

All investment in human capital starts with recruitment, says Mr de Vries. For Damen, this involves a multi-faceted approach to cater for entry level workers as well as experienced staff. Students, for example, want to join an organisation where their qualifications are valued and open a career path. This attracts younger people looking at job opportunities and for great responsibility early on in their career, Mr de Vries adds.

Mutual respect

When recruiting professionals, Damen emphasises continuous skills development is vital to competitiveness in the ship building and ship repair market. Also key is the very high engagement of staff with higher management levels and stakeholders. de Vries says this instils the loyalty needed in a successful company.

He acknowledges that every new generation has employment aspirations that differ from the generation before. Inevitably, in real life any company employs a cross-generational workforce. Therefore, Damen continuously updates its recruitment value proposition because a vibrant company must appeal to all generations. Once inside the company, employees are considered part of the Damen family but, rather than sitting and waiting, the multi-layered approach to recruitment and training ensures that those joining represent the 'brightest and best’ talent.


The Europort 2017 exhibition will be held between 7 - 10 November 2017.

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