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Getting smart about maintenance

14 juni 2017
Getting smart about maintenance

The maintenance of ships and equipment onboard is an area likely to see significant improvement and change over the next few years.


Owners and operators need to not only reduce the cost of maintenance and repair, but also its effectiveness, to minimise downtime. The use of Big Data techniques, to monitor performance and aid diagnostics and preventive measures, is set to trigger a step change in the way the industry approaches maintenance.


A networking lunch, on the theme "Smart Maintenance - What’s Next?” Is being organised within Europort 2017 and is sure to be very popular. This will take place on Wednesday November 8th, from 12-14.00 and is being organised by Marstrat BV in close cooperation with IFS Benelux. Attendees will be able to hear about the latest preventive maintenance solution, harnessing the power of the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, and gain insights into how best to take advantage of intelligent, smart maintenance systems, now and in the future.

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