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Dredging Days 2017: Call for papers now open

22 december 2016
Dredging Days 2017: Call for papers now open

With preparations for the event already well underway, CEDA recently announced a call for papers, inviting those involved in the sector to make submissions on the theme of 'Sustainable dredging - continued benefits’ .

Dredging in marine, estuarine and freshwater environments affects the ecosystem in many ways, both positively and negatively, and has consequences both for nature and human society. A deeper understanding of geology, dredging practices and new technologies will enable the industry to devise sustainable solutions for developing and maintaining essential infrastructure, while minimising any detrimental long-term impact on the environment.

Dredging Days 2017 will provide an unrivalled platform for the industry to demonstrate the sustainable character of modern dredging projects. CEDA invites experts from port authorities, research organisations, universities, engineering consultants, government agencies, dredging contractors and manufacturers to submit papers before 9 January 2017. See the complete call for papers. 

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