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CO2 monitoring at top of the agenda for Europort masterclass

10 november 2017
CO2 monitoring at top of the agenda for Europort masterclass

As visitors interested in the way energy management saves money and supports MRV compliance gathered for a special Europort masterclass on Wednesday morning, forward thinking around the impact of CO2 reporting was at the top of the agenda.


Participants were reminded by expert speaker Mr Teus van Beek, General Manager, Market Innovation within the marine solutions division of Wärtsilä of the need to future-proof their solutions. He highlighted that the maritime industry is 'under disruptive attack’, although he put a positive spin on the opportunity this attack will create, saying that, "disruption will drive the industry towards solutions that are more economically effective that what is available today.”


Nick Lurkin, Policy Advisor Environmental Affairs at the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners cast the minds of masterclass participants into the low carbon future, with its possible zero-emission endgame. He compared requirements of the EU MRV and the IMO Data Collection System for CO2 and delivered the strong message that the Dutch ship owners association is not in favour of an EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and stated that any "kind of emissions taxation system (preferably a levy per tonne fuel bunkered) should be global, and not regional”.


Cruise ship owner and operator Carnival Maritime introduced its data collection and analysis approach to energy management. Sebastian Sala, Carnival’s Head of Innovation and Energy Management described how the company is monitoring "a lot of things” thanks to data collection around nautical and regulatory issues but that next year it would turn its attention to energy and fuel performance analysis.  He told participants: "We, as the marine industry, are only just beginning to understand what we can do with data analytics.” Whilst data collection for energy management and MRV may present many opportunities and ensure regulatory compliance, it also presents a big task for ship owners; that is certain.


Giuseppe Stranieri of the Fincantieri company CETENA S.p.A delivered the perspective of the energy management software supplier, and spoke of the LeanShip project through which Tallink has trialled enhanced data monitoring and utilisation.

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