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Bringing on the big data revolution

15 juni 2017
Bringing on the big data revolution

Big Data is, without any doubt, going to be a game changer for the shipping industry. It will, for example, make it possible to generate real-time information about the performance of individual vessel components and to allow smart approaches to onboard maintenance to be developed. Within the supply chain, the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain will be increasingly utilised to enhance traceability and visibility for goods in transit, reducing delays and improving performance.


It was an obvious choice for Europort 2017 to make Big Data a key theme. Many exhibitors will be promoting IT and data related technologies, while two of the four Masterclasses will discuss Big Data topics. Raymond Siliakus, Exhibition Manager, says, "Shipping companies, fleet managers and maritime equipment suppliers are expected to have a vision about the data they wish to generate and communicate both internally and with partners. Europort 2017 is the best place to be to develop and refine that vision.”


Blockchain technology has been described as the biggest step forward since the Internet and will change the way companies in the maritime world do business. Recently the world’s biggest shipping company, Maersk Line, and IBM have decided to collaborate to develop blockchain technology. According to Ibrahim Gocken, chief digital officer at Maersk, "We expect the solutions we are working on will not only reduce the cost of goods for consumers but also make global trade more accessible to a much larger number of players from both emerging and developed countries.”

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