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Big themes dominate programme

16 februari 2017
Big themes dominate programme

Three key themes will guide the Europort 2017 agenda. Each complements the other in providing comprehensive coverage of the dominant issues facing the maritime sector.

The Europort team has chosen three highly topical themes for the event this year. These are: Big Data; The New Environmental Age; and The Human Factor. Raymond Siliakus, Exhibition Manager, says: "Each of these themes is very different, but all three come together to drive forward the event’s overarching aim - to help maximise vessel performance - and as such will have an increasingly important role in shaping the world of shipping and shipbuilding over the months ahead. We have selected these three very topical themes to ensure that attending Europort will be a hugely rewarding and valuable experience, with benefits extending well into the future for those visiting and exhibiting.”

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