Europort - 5 t/m 8 november 2019 in Rotterdam Ahoy-Nieuws & Media


A warm welcome awaits in dynamic Rotterdam

20 februari 2017
A warm welcome awaits in dynamic Rotterdam

Europort extends a warm welcome to exhibitors, visitors and official delegations coming from around the world to take part in the event, and share their insights and experiences. The project team will be happy to assist with visa applications and hotel arrangements, for example.


A free shuttle service carrying guests from their hotels to Rotterdam Ahoy will be available throughout Europort 2017. The event will also feature an extensive social programme that will ensure that visitors’ stay in Rotterdam is an enjoyable one, helping to strengthen customer relations once the exhibition opening hours are over.


Rotterdam has much to offer and visitors may want to extend their stay beyond the exhibition dates. Lonely Planet recently described Rotterdam as "one of Europe’s most exhilarating cities right now.” The respected guide highlights the futuristic architecture, inspired local initiatives such as inner-city canal surfing, a proliferation of art, and a plethora of drinking, dining and nightlife venues. Rotterdam is The Netherlands’ second-largest city and has a diverse, multi-ethnic community, a strong maritime tradition centred on Europe’s busiest port and a wealth of top-class museums and galleries. Why not add a few days to your stay and explore what Rotterdam has to offer?

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