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A warm welcome to Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe.

05 Augustus 2019
A warm welcome to Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe.

Rotterdam, the maritime capital of Europe, is rolling out the red carpet for international visitors and exhibitors at Europort.

The city’s Mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, says: "It gives me great pleasure to welcome all participants, inviting them to see for themselves what a dynamic, cosmopolitan and business-friendly place Rotterdam is. We are very proud of our innovative, smart port with its high-quality infrastructural connections and the flourishing maritime industry it supports.”

The city has always exerted a powerful attraction for maritime pioneers and market leaders up to this present day. As well as being Europe’s biggest port, Rotterdam and its region is home to many prominent companies in the fields of logistics, maritime services, offshore technology, shipbuilding and repair, among others. There are around 4,375 maritime companies in Rotterdam, employing over 80,000 people and adding around €20 billion a year of economic value to the Dutch economy. Aboutaleb adds: "Drawing on centuries of experience and tradition in shipping and trade, today’s Rotterdam is a vibrant hub, characterized by innovation and creativity. An excellent breeding ground for leading maritime businesses from all over the world.” 

For more information about Rotterdam, the city and its maritime industry, visit:

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