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Promotion and sponsoring options
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- Advertorial -  BETA Publishers
EuroportPromotion and sponsoring options

Maximise your investment by taking advantage of the available promotion and sponsorship possibilities. These include advertisements on flags, barriers and toilet doors or having a logo on visitor lanyards or exhibition floor plans. Advertising in the show catalogue, hand-outs or the daily bulletin will ensure your company doesn’t miss any opportunities to connect with key target groups.

Click here for an overview of the available options or contact the project team via info@europort.nl.

All visitors on the floor walking around with your logo? Then sponsoring this lanyard is the ideal opportunity! Last chance to book this item via info@europort.nl.

EuroportPrevious Exhibitor Info Bulletins

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Europort- Advertorial -  BETA Publishers

Do you want to reach decision makers and highly educated technicians within the maritime industry? Via TW.nl (Dutch language) you can reach thousands of engineers and highly educated technicians within all disciplines of engineering. Within the maritime sector the Dutch magazine 'Maritiem Nederland' is thé platform to reach high level decision makers.

Click here for more information on TW.nl, here for Maritiem Nederland and here for the advertising options.  

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