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YoungShip Collaborates with Europort for Shipcon Shipathon and Young Corporation Award 2021

YoungShip Collaborates with Europort for Shipcon Shipathon and Young Corporation Award 2021

13 April 2021
YoungShip Collaborates with Europort for Shipcon Shipathon and Young Corporation Award 2021

Today YoungShip Rotterdam has announced a collaboration with Europort for the conclusion of Shipcon, hosting both the live presentations for the Shipcon Shipathon as well as the 2021 Young Corporation Award.

Shipcon 2021 is the maritime industries only event shaped by young maritime professionals, for young maritime professionals. The event will commence on October 19 and run until November 5. Shipcon will be comprised of two elements, a conference track spanning some 16 hours of content, across 15+ sessions featuring over 30 speakers from across the maritime industry and an experiential event element, the Shipcon Shipathon.

Europort and YoungShip Rotterdam have agreed on a collaboration that will see Europort host the final day of the event live in Rotterdam at the Rotterdam Ahoy on November 5 as part of the broader Europort event. The live element will also be broadcast live to global virtual Shipcon event participants.

Two elements of Shipcon 2021 will be delivered during the live session hosted during Europort, the final presentations of the Shipcon Shipathon as well as the award ceremony for YoungShip International’s annual Young Corporation Award.

The Shipcon Shipathon is a "hackathon” styled hybrid experiential element where teams will compete to pitch the best solution to one of three sustainability challenges. The Shipathon will see 25 teams of 5 individuals come together via an online gaming environment to compete in three event engagements. 

Shipcon will conclude with a pitch to an expert jury during Europort to select the most promising solutions.

As an organization for young professionals, YoungShip recognizes that many companies go the extra mile to promote young talents though trainee programs, international assignments, and exciting career opportunities.

To support these companies and young professionals in the maritime industry, YoungShip International has introduced the annual Young Corporation Award. The award will be awarded to companies in the international maritime industry that excel in one or more of the following areas:

  • Promoting young leaders, both within the company and externally.
  • Driving forward its young talents.
  • Devoting time and resources to building the competence of young people in their organization.
  • Investing in trainee programs and other competence enhancing programs.

Supporting initiatives within the maritime community that promote young talent.
The 2021 Young Corporations award will be announced during Shipcon 2021 on the November 5 during the live Europort session.

Nominations are currently open for the 2021 Young Corporation Award and anyone can nominate candidates for the award.

While Shipcon 2021 has been shaped to appeal to young maritime professionals, the learning and engagement elements are equally interesting for those looking to understand the mindsets of the future of the maritime industry and where it is headed and older individuals as well as those who are young at heart are encouraged to participate.

Shipcon 2021 is proudly supported by various Rotterdam youth focused maritime initiatives including: Young NMT, Young RMSC, Jong Havenvereniging and Link as well as other Rotterdam maritime initiatives including Europort.

YoungShip Rotterdam, The Netherlands based chapter of YoungShip International, provides networking, learning, and community engagement opportunities for young maritime professionals in the Rotterdam area. Founded in 2004 in Norway, YoungShip International has grown steadily over the past 16 years with over 3,000 global members. 

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