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Testing for access

Testing for access

14 October 2021
Testing for access

Testing for access possible on-site for unvaccinated visitors
Rotterdam Ahoy works in accordance with the current rules of the Dutch government with regard to COVID. This means that visitors and exhibitors can enter the exhibition location during Europort with a valid CoronaCheck-app QR code and personal ID.

The Europort team is committed to providing maximum service to all our guests. Visitors and exhibitors who do not yet have a valid QR code can also have themselves tested on-site for free.

How does it work and where can the test location be found?

Right next to the entrance of Europort, on the forecourt of Rotterdam Ahoy, a special test facility is being realized in collaboration with SpoedtestCorona, which is affiliated with Testing for Access.

  • Visitors can schedule an appointment online 2 weeks in advance via Note: Search Europort Ahoy and select SpoedtestCorona as the test provider. We recommend visitors without a valid QR code to schedule an appointment in advance, so that they can be tested at the desired time and can enter the building.
  • Within approximately 15 minutes, the visitor will receive the results immediately. If the test result is negative, you can enter the building with the QR code.
  • Testing can also be done without an online appointment, but the visitor should then take into account that other appointments may have been scheduled, so that the waiting time can be slightly longer.
  • At the testing facility, visitors can be helped on-site with any questions on how to obtain the QR code in the CoronaCheck-app.
  • After obtaining the QR code, you can enter the building through the regular entrance.