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OSPAR organizes work session at Europort 2017

OSPAR organizes work session at Europort 2017

12 october 2017

OSPAR organizes the work session "Handling (Plastic) garbage in the Fishing Sector”. This work session will focus on the practical experiences with preventing new garbage from the fishing sector to end up in the oceans, especially concerning the handling of plastic domestic waste and discarded fishing gear on board of fishing vessels and in fishing harbours. By discussing the practices with participants from the fishing sector, waste companies, harbours and other organisations new ways for better waste management and prevention will be explored.

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All stakeholders interested or involved in waste management in the fishing sector, especially maritime entrepreneurs such as owners of fishing fleets, fishing vessels and representatives of the fishing industry as well as waste companies and fishing harbours.


The OSPAR work session takes place on the last day of Europort, Friday 10 November, at 1pm. You can register via

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