IHC Dredge Masterclass provides grounding in soil characteristics

09 November 2023
IHC Dredge Masterclass provides grounding in soil characteristics

On Thursday, 9 November, the second IHC Dredge Masterclass at Europort 2023 focused on the properties, uses, and dredging requirements of different soil types.


Presented by Jelle Groenhof, a trainer and developer at Royal IHC, the interactive session gave attendees the opportunity to examine various kinds of soil up close - comparing the differences in size, shape, and dynamics - as well as models of dredging equipment and the tools used for soil testing.


Groenhof explained that the finest soil, with particles below 0.002 millimetres, is categorised as clay, while particles between 0.002 mm and 0.05 mm are labelled silt, and those ranging from 0.05 mm to 2.0 mm are classed as sand. The type of soil, he said, influences the machinery specifications required to dredge it, with other factors including depth and sea conditions.


Soil characteristics also determine its use, with Groenhof noting that heterogeneous, 'sharp’ material is generally favoured in building and reclamation given its steeper slope angle and resultant superior bearing capacity. Meanwhile, homogeneous, 'rounded’ particles are preferred in glass making since they enter the glass-forming machine more easily, he said.


Attended by representatives from the dredging and mining sectors - including a sales manager for dredging services and spare parts, a mining consultant, and a dredging works manager - today’s session was the second of three IHC Dredge Masterclasses at Europort 2023.


Provided by the Royal IHC Training Institute, the Masterclasses aim to "make people aware of the different soil types and how their varying characteristics influence the dredging process and the kind of machinery required to carry it out successfully and efficiently”, Groenhof summarised.


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