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Europort: An inspiring environment to engage and connect

Europort: An inspiring environment to engage and connect

26 July 2021
Europort: An inspiring environment to engage and connect

Europort: An inspiring environment to engage and connect

The pandemic has reframed the way businesses communicate and connect. Most organizations have surprised themselves by their ability to flex and adapt to fast-changing circumstances. However, users of the online meeting will know that there are limits to what technology can achieve in developing professional relationships.

The personal touch

"One thing we have learned from the COVID pandemic is that online meetings can only be a substitute for face to face meetings up to a certain extent,” says Martin Dorsman, Secretary General of the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA). "For getting to know people, to socialise and to build lasting relationships, meetings in person in a stimulating, positive and inspiring atmosphere are indispensable. And this is what Europort has to offer.”

Given the huge challenges shipping faces - to green the fleet, to attract new talents, to integrate digitalization - the need for stimulation and inspiration is more pressing than ever, Dorsman adds. "The shipping industry must be open for new partnerships, and to organisations outside the traditional circle of stakeholders. This is how we will be able to find the answers we seek.”

As an industry partner, ECSA is looking to organise membership meetings "to stimulate attendance of and involvement with Europort”, says Dorsman. "We’re also considering the idea to organise an event on ongoing projects to make sure the future skillset of seafarers is aligned with the need of the industry. This would perfectly match the 'Next generation’ theme of Europort.”

More than just networking

ECSA’s ability to influence policy makers on behalf of shipping is closely related to its expertise in latest industry developments and innovations, adds Dorsman. "This is an added benefit of visiting Europort.”  

Collaborative dialogue is as crucial for marine equipment suppliers as it is for shipowners, meaning that the return to physical events should be seized on, according to Christos Papakis, Administrative Officer at HEMEXPO - Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers and Exports.

"The pandemic has shown everyone just how important maintaining and building relationships are for doing business. Not only that, but also how much these relationships can benefit from meeting in person.”

As a returning exhibitor, HEMEXPO and its members have experienced the positive impact Europort can have on businesses. "Events have always played an important role for HEMEXPO and its members. They provide us with the opportunity to showcase the strength of the Greek marine manufacturing industry and to network and discuss the latest technological developments, regulations and projects. With a diverse programme of events and an international audience, Europort continues to provide a unique opportunity to develop partnerships and understand customer needs,” explains Papakis.

Business Matchmaking

Partnerships and friendships are at the heart of Europort’s mission to engage with industry peers and create new business opportunities for all stakeholders. To further support business matchmaking, a new data-driven tool is being used this year to match visitors with the people and companies most relevant to their business goals. Europort Connect allows companies to generate leads faster, set their own agenda and organize meetings.