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Big Data Analytics Drive Shipping Industry’s Digital Revolution

Big Data Analytics Drive Shipping Industry’s Digital Revolution

29 June 2021
Big Data Analytics Drive Shipping Industry’s Digital Revolution

In an increasingly data driven society, the maritime digital revolution is moving full ahead. More information is available on how to improve ship performance, efficiency and safety than ever before. Nevertheless, ships today are also complex and include many interconnected systems, while vessel performance also depends on the technical talents and training of those working on board.  

With so much data at our fingertips, how can the industry best extract its value?

Analyze, interpret, apply, repeat

Recognizing the importance of the industry’s digital journey, Europort has chosen digitalization as one of its key themes for 2021. Delegates will experience the growing influence of data analytics across the entire conference and exhibition programme, in monitoring efficiency or emissions, in remote ship maintenance, and in enhancing planning and investment.  

Seeing the bigger picture

A holistic approach to gathering data from multiple sources creates a picture based on optimizing the way systems or assets work together, according to Serafeim Katsikas, Chief Technology Officer, METIS Cyberspace Technology. The Europort exhibitor’s METIS Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform automatically combines data with expert analysis to deliver cumulative insights into ship performance that can be used by owners in-house or by charterers.

In addition to operational efficiency, the big data gains can address wider shipping challenges, including decarbonization and ship finance, says Katsikas. For example, the METIS predictive AER Emissions INDEX for the Poseidon Principles enables owners to predict whether further investment, a change in operating profile or disposal of a ship would be most beneficial to meet the IMO’s emission targets.

"A recent trial for a ship owner concluded that: while some of its ships may never need further investment to reduce emissions, other vessels in the fleet need attention now or will at a future date, and two ships should be disposed of immediately.”

Customized, data driven solutions

Fellow Europort exhibitor Radio Holland is also firmly convinced of the added value AI and machine learning bring to shipping. The company provides critical electronic and navigation solutions to keep ships connected and safe at sea. Insights provided by data analytics can improve ship safety and feed back into product and service development, they say.

"The data we have collected from hundreds of vessels and hundreds of pieces of equipment helps us to support our customers more proactively and offer them customized service agreements,” says Radio Holland Regional Director for the Middle East, Joachim de Jenlis.

"At Radio Holland we are moving towards introducing digital capabilities tailored to meet the needs of mariners and match ship operator requirements for maintaining assets.”

Radio Holland has developed a Remote Service solution to provide proactive monitoring of devices on board, and offer remote assistance and updates if required regardless of the position of the vessel.  Remote 'health checks’ can also offer service advice to indicate when an engineer needs to visit a vessel to conduct maintenance or replace a piece of equipment. The most recent digital solution launches comprise the +Library eBooks catalogue to manage technical publications and the data-based +Planner. The +Planner facilitates voyage planning, navigation and monitoring, but the company says there are more digital solutions to come.

"We have collected a lot of data relating to bridge equipment performance. We plan to use this data in training for the predictive maintenance algorithms that support field services,” says de Jenlis. "IoT and AI capabilities will enable the smooth transition for human and machine co-existence, while augmented reality (AR) and digital twins will help the crew onboard.”

Data driven opportunities

Solutions powered by big data analytics and digital technologies can provide the industry with invaluable insights as it undergoes its digital revolution. Europort aims to showcase and explore new digital opportunities and stimulate smart interactions as shipping organizations face increasing pressure to operate more efficiently.