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MariMatch route to future partnerships

MariMatch route to future partnerships

28 august 2017

MariMatch 2017, organised by Enterprise Europe Network, will be one of the highlights of Europort 2017. The international 'matchmaking' event is aimed at maritime organisations looking for new business opportunities or research partners.

To participate, those registering for Europort, can also register for MariMatch using the website: Participants select the types of events they want to participate in, including matchmaking and pitching sessions, and include a corporate profile so that others know what they are looking for. Users can request one-to-one meetings and accept incoming requests and, a few days before Europort, will receive a meeting schedule by email.

MariMatch is structured to add value to participating in Europort, and provides an easy way of making new international contacts that could become the technology development partners of the future. Why not give it a try?

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