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Captains of industry: Roger Holm

26 February 2019
Captains of industry: Roger Holm

Roger Holm, President of Wärtsilä Marine Business, believes the past year has been very positive for digitalisation in the shipping industry.


"We are seeing the industry move on from looking at technology alone, to talking about the value this technology can add. This is exactly as it should be,” he says.


Wärtsilä’s vision for digitalisation is expressed in the Smart Marine Ecosystem concept. This is based on 'Smart Ships’ enabled for automated and optimised processes and 'Smart Ports’ delivering smoother and faster port operations, with added value generated through better connectivity between the two.


Holm explains: "Much of the technology we need to transform the industry already exists, but too much of it is stand-alone. We must add value by joining technologies together to optimise voyage performance and enable just-in-time port arrivals. This will not only save money through reduced fuel consumption and greater operational efficiencies; it is better for the environment.”


He sees improving data collection and analysis across supply chains as a key industry challenge. "By using real time data from containerships, for example, we know we can achieve double digit reductions in fuel consumption, but with better connectivity and optimisation we can go even further,” he says. "The potential for really big savings exist; we just have to capitalise on potential by moving from stand-alone to connected technologies.”


Wärtsilä already supplies most of the technologies needed to build the Smart Marine Ecosystem, but Holm says the company realises that it cannot  deliver its vision alone. "We want to be a market shaper in shipping’s digital shipping world and this means collaborating with other stakeholders; this is something we are looking forward to discussing with potential partners in Europort 2019. Our message to the industry is that there is tremendous scope to use existing digital technology in a smarter way to create value, if we work together.”

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