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EuroportCountdown has started!
Right now, preparations for Europort 2017 are in full swing! The temporary halls are almost finished and booths are being built up. With almost 1,100 exhibitors, 15 national pavilions, 2 conferences, 4 masterclasses, the Europort Cruise party and several seminars and networking activities, it promises to be a vibrant maritime week. See the complete programme.
EuroportOfficial opening ceremony

We kindly invite you to attend the official opening of Europort 2017 on Tuesday 7 November from 11.00 to 11.30 hours (welcome reception from 10.30 hours). Not yet registered to attend the opening? Register here: www.europort.nl/openingceremony.

EuroportRunning score Europort Marketing Award contest

Who will win the Europort Marketing Award 2017 and receive 2 free tickets to the Europort Cruise Party on Wednesday 8 November?

The new running score:

  1. Lavastica International
  2. Bega Special Tools
  3. Wilhelmsen Ships Service BV
  4. Urk Maritime
  5. MAN Diesel & Turbo SE
  6. Theunissen Technical Trading BV
  7. Transafe
  8. Riegman Klaverdijk
  9. European Pump Services
  10. C. Kranendonk bv

Make sure your company will win and invite your business contacts. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 7 November at 14:00 hours. 

EuroportHelp desk

This will be your main information centre during the construction and exhibition period of Europort. You’re at the right place at the help desk for the distribution of floor plans, stand numbers, information of suppliers, etc. The help desk is located next to the wardrobe in the Plaza and will serve as information point for visitors as well during the exhibition.

Europort Exhibitor Technical Services Office

This office is your one stop shopping counter for questions and requirements for your stand during all construction and dismantling days and during the exhibition. You can find the following suppliers here:   

  • v.d. Veen: Electricity
  • v.d. Laan: Water
  • Arti70: Deluxe stand construction
  • Hestex: Basic and Premium stand construction
  • JMT: Furniture
  • Ahoy Catering Services
  • CEVA: Logistics

The Exhibitor Technical Services Office is located in the Plaza of Rotterdam Ahoy next to the Help Desk. 

EuroportPress office / Organisers office

The press room with workplaces for journalists is located between Hall 7 and Hall 1. In the adjacent reception room, you can meet the project team of Europort in person.

Press releases

A special wall is available for press materials in the press room. From Monday 6 November onwards you can drop off press releases, press kits and other press materials here.

Press calendar

We prepare a press calendar for journalists to draw their attention to activities taking place during Europort. Please pass on your press moments on your stand to us, whether it concerns a signing of a contract, an award presentation or a gathering.

If you e-mail your activity to communications@europort.nl on Friday 3 November at the latest we will add this to the press calendar.

EuroportSmoking policy

Smoking is prohibited in the entire building. You are allowed to smoke in the enclosed gardens at the Plaza. So it is also not allowed to smoke near the emergency exits.

EuroportResponsibility for theft

Rotterdam Ahoy is not responsible for theft of products on your stand. Please do not leave your stand unmanned and keep your personal belongings in a locked room or closet.

EuroportParking vouchers

During the construction period you can park at the expedition area by showing a valid stand construction pass.

For parking during the exhibition you can buy parking vouchers in advance (only a few vouchers available). The parking vouchers cost € 60 (including VAT) and give you a guaranteed parking place on the general parking area P1 - P3; this is the parking area adjacent to the halls.

As from now parking vouchers are only available via the cash desk of Rotterdam Ahoy (not via the exhibitor manual anymore).

EuroportOpening hours

Tuesday 7 November: 10:00 - 18:00 hours
Wednesday 8 November: 10:00 - 18:00 hours
Thursday 9 November: 10:00 - 22.00 hours
Friday 10 November: 10:00 - 17:00 hours

EuroportGet involved!

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