Europort - November 2-5 2021, Rotterdam Ahoy-Warning for Phishing messages


Warning for Phishing messages

?Phishing messages are currently being sent stating that the visitor list for EUROPORT Exhibition 2019, November 5 - 8, Rotterdam (Netherlands) is available and that you must respond to the e-mail. Don't fall for this, it is fake! These e-mails do not come from us. Rotterdam Ahoy adheres to the requirements pursuant to legislation and regulations in respect of processing Personal Data, including the requirements imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR’).

How to protect yourself against phishing messages: always be alert!
Please check the email adress of the sender. Rotterdam Ahoy emails you with email addresses that end with or If you receive an unexpected email or one that you have no idea where it’s from, don’t open it - delete it. Never click on a link or open any attachment in it.

What should you do?
Forward any suspicious email that claims to be from Rotterdam Ahoy to then delete it straight away. Always make sure your anti-virus and anti-spyware software are up to date, and your firewall is strong.

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