Europort - November 2-5 2021, Rotterdam Ahoy-Smart solutions

  • EUROPORT: SPECIAL SHIPS, SMART SOLUTIONSThe overarching theme of Europort 2021 will be ‘special ships, smart solutions’, including an examination of how the ongoing evolution of smart technology is reshaping the future of shipping and shipbuilding. The vital importance of a highly skilled workforce and smart people, as well as the many facets involved in ensuring smart business will also be explored in detail.
  • Smart businessShipping revolutions generally take time but the impact of new legislation, disruptive innovations, new roles and new actors cannot be ignored. It requires a profound analysis of value proposition, company resources and processes with the key aim to make profit.
  • Smart peopleThe industry’s success and competitiveness rely on a highly skilled workforce that is able to develop innovations and operate in a market of increased complexity and new business areas. In leading the discussion on human capital, it is crucial to involve young talent, share new insights and invest in people’s expertise that reflect changing business needs.
  • Smart technologyThe maritime industry is constantly evolving and striving for increased innovation. The development of revolutionary technologies will reshape the future of shipping and shipbuilding. Europort sees innovation as a key driver to succes.
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